The Promise of

Queen Prawn

The farmed shrimp and prawn industry is presently dominated (91%) by two marine-originating species. Despite being a desired delicacy across Asia, as well as the most environmentally friendly commercially farmed option, the freshwater shrimp M. rosenbergii has struggled to become a significant part of the rapidly growing global farmed shrimp and prawn industry. To realize its true potential, a few fundamental disadvantages must be overcome. Firstly, farming economics of this species must dramatically improve. Secondly, the main farming inputs, stocked juveniles (Seed) and grow-out Feed, must come from a reputable quality source. Finally, solid distribution channels from harvest, through customized processing and onto export markets, must be properly established.

Enzootic, incorporating multiple layers of proprietary high-tech innovation, independent production capabilities of proprietary Feed & Seed, and innovative post-harvesting handling technologies and marketing capabilities, is on a mission to transform Queen Prawn M. rosenbergii from a locally desired delicacy in Asia into a sustainably farmed global seafood-of-choice.