About us

KlachmEnzootic is an agro-biotech company founded in 2012 by a multidisciplinary team of industry and academic leaders with a vision to introduce the latest advances in life science research into crustacean aquaculture and ecological bio-control.

The company employs an array of independently developed and licensed technologies in the development and commercialization of proprietary products which increase yields, extend economic value and promote sustainability for crustacean aquaculture, while avoiding the use of chemicals, hormones and genetic modifications.

Enzootic’s business model is based on the distinctive ability of its team to develop, evaluate and commercialize active compounds and/or products for the crustacean industry. Enzootic intends to market its products through strategic partnerships, joint ventures and licensing agreements with veterinary drug companies, feed producers, and local and global hatcheries working in this arena.

With commercial presence in California USA and Hong-Kong, China, and a world class research and development team operating out of Israel, Enzootic is ideally and uniquely positioned to rapidly leverage its vast expertise and ingenuity to commercial realization


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  • All-Female Prawn
    In the most important freshwater prawn cultured species, the giant river prawn M. rosenbergii, males present a clear size advantage over females, which is mostly attributed to social ...
    Mono-sex culture
    The attributes of gender selection in animal breeding and the ability to form an agro-technical infrastructure around it which improves performance is already well established in most ...
    Additional Products
    Enzootic is currently engaged in the development and commercialization of a number of innovative and exciting products for the crustacean aquaculture industry.
    All-Female Shrimp
    Based on the success of the All-Female technology in M. rosenbergii, Enzootic is currently implementing the same technology in L. vannamei shrimp. Dimorphic growth patterns between sexes ...