Mono-sex culture

The attributes of gender selection in animal breeding and the ability to form an agro-technical infrastructure around it which improves performance is already well established in most farmed species such as cattle, poultry and fish. Crustaceans present clear dimorphic growth patterns between sexes: Average size, specific growth rate, feed conversion efficiency and social behavior are just a few parameters specifically linked to gender. Despite these differences, crustacean aquaculture is still predominantly based on a product of mixed populations which suppresses most sexual dimorphic growth patterns. Studies in shrimp, prawns and crayfish have all demonstrated the advantages of mono-sex populations: culturing mono-sex populations produces higher yields with greater commercial value for both growers and hatcheries.

Enzootic has developed a unique and innovative technology for producing all-female populations of crustaceans. The technology was published in Marine Biotechnology in September 2016.

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