All-Female Marine Shrimp

Lv_ED Aflalo_Costa RicaBased on the success of the All-Female technology in M. rosenbergii, Enzootic is currently implementing the same technology in L. vannamei shrimp. Dimorphic growth patterns between sexes are also clearly observed in most penaeid shrimp. However, in contrast to freshwater prawns, shrimp females outperform the males in almost every growth parameter. Most of these advantages in performance of females are suppressed in the mixed culture, especially with an early harvest. The use of All-Female technology in shrimp such as L. vannamei is expected to enhance performance and yield significantly.

In addition, All-Female technology is expected to be of a great value to shrimp breeding programs seeking a non-GMO approach to protect their selected lines and increase revenues. Selling broodstock pairs that can only produce an All-Female population that delivers enhanced performance compared to mixed population, would reduce the incentive of farmers to abuse the seedstock they buy (F1) by breeding it (creating F2) thus avoiding the purchase of additional seedstock. This practice currently severely hampers development in the shrimp industry, and eliminating it will eventually lead to a much more stable and less susceptive culture, generating a seed-like, one generation industry.

Enzootic is open to collaborations with breeding programs who wish to integrate this novel technology into their existing lines. For further information please contact us.

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