All-Female Freshwater Shrimp

Why is growing all-female population the future of crustacean aquaculture? Here’s why:

* Weight distribution taken from a large-scale performance study conducted on freshwater shrimp
M. rosenbergii in earthen ponds between May-November 2016 (manuscript in preparation).

Enzootic is changing the paradigm of crustacean farming:

Growing a 100% all-female freshwater shrimp culture triggers synchronized and efficient growth, improved feed utilization and reduced reproductive and territorial behavior.  This novel approach reveals the following economic advantages:

  • Up to 36% increase in total yield
  • Production: over 3,000 Kg/ha
  • Survival: up to 95%
  • Average size: up to 40g
  • No males = no eggs! all energy invested into growth
  • Extreme Uniformity
  • No grading or selective harvest
  • Better suited for intensified conditions

Enzootic commercially supplies special super-female broodstock M. rosenbergii. This broodstock is guaranteed to spawn 100% female progeny, enabling farmers to grow all-female cultures. The pioneering technology, protected by two patent families, utilizes advanced biotechnological solutions and novel molecular tools without the use of chemicals, hormones or GMO1.

The all-female broodstock is now available for sale to select M. rosenbergii hatcheries for special introductory prices. Order yours now!

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  1. Levy et al. “A single injection of hypertrophied androgenic gland cells produces all-female aquaculture”, Marine Biotechnology 18(5): 554-563
  2. Levy et al. 2017, “All-female monosex culture in the freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii – A comparative large-scale field study”, Aquaculture 479(1) 857-862

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