Supporting sustainability

Sustainability_1000The rapid expansion of the aquaculture and crustacean industries over the past decade has raised concerns over its environmental repercussions. With the growing awareness of governments and consumers, the future of this industry will have to rely on responsible, sustainable, advanced farming methods. Enzootic’s proprietary products have been developed to benefit growers while also significantly contributing to the sustainability of the industry by providing numerous environmental benefits. Enzootic acknowledges that sustainability can only be promoted by introducing environmentally-friendly solutions that also bring immediate value to the growers.

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  • Aquaculture
    According to the FAO (the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), aquaculture is the world's fastest growing source of animal protein, providing nearly half of all fish consumed glob...
    Crustacean aquaculture
    The crustacean aquaculture sector accounts for about 7% of the total world aquaculture production in volume, but realizes nearly 22% of the value which translates to over US$34 Billi...