Crustacean aquaculture

Crustacean-aqauculture_1000The crustacean aquaculture sector accounts for about 7% of the total world aquaculture production in volume, but realizes nearly 22% of the value which translates to over US$36 Billion. With a steady annual growth rate of 10.3% for the past decade, crustacean aquaculture has become one of the fastest growing animal production industries in the world, with nearly seven million metric tons of crustaceans, mainly shrimp, prawns, crabs and crayfish sold annually.

Despite the tremendous leap in production over the past decade, crustacean aquaculture is still lagging significantly behind other agro and aqua farming industries in assimilation of advanced biotechnologies capable of enhancing production yields and value. To meet the increasing market demands of this industry sector, it will have to rely on advanced farming and biotechnological solutions that will enable highly efficient production within limited land and water resources. Enzootic is positioned to take an active leading role in the development of this industry in the upcoming decades, by using its proprietary biotechnological solutions.

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